Pharmacy Services Program

Personalised healthcare is becoming
increasingly valued and community pharmacy is
ideally positioned to deliver diabetes services.

The KnowDiabetes® Pharmacy Services Program supports pharmacy in the delivery of a comprehensive range of diabetes services.

Diabetes is the fastest growing chronic condition in Australia

Over 1.3 million are living with diabetes

500,000 are undiagnosed

2 million are at risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes

People with diabetes see a pharmacist 7 x more than any other healthcare professional

Community pharmacy plays a pivotal role in diabetes management as an access point for diabetes products and is ideally positioned to deliver a range of diabetes services

Pharmacy Diabetes Services

The role of pharmacy acting as a community health hub to improve chronic disease managed is well recognised.

(McMillian et al, 2012).

Implementation of diabetes services can be challenging and research clearly highlights the common barriers to implementation.

Barriers to Pharmacy Services

  • Awareness amongst GP’s and allied health
  • Community awareness of pharmacy services
  • Pharmacist accessibility to resources
  • Coordination and linkages between interventions
  • Confidence and time availability
  • Unsustainable revenue

KnowDiabetes Pharmacy Services

The KnowDiabetes Pharmacy Services Program offers pharmacy a practical program which supports pharmacies to build experience and confidence in the delivery of diabetes services.

KnowDiabetes Offers

Promotion and support for existing pharmacy diabetes services.

Access to the KnowDiabetes pharmacy mentorship program.

Delivery of structured & certified diabetes programs.

Access to a network of supporting allied healthcare professionals.

How it works


Enrol in the KnowDiabetes Pharmacy Services program.


Have support from pharmacists experienced in the delivery of pharmacy services.


Follow step by step guidance on how to practically deliver diabetes services.


Start delivering diabetes services when you and your team are confident.

Program Structure

Step by step online program that introduces practical guidance on how to start delivering diabetes services within existing workflows

Progress through each stage at a pace suitable to your individual pharmacy needs. With each stage you and your team gain simple and practical implementation skills, which builds confidence.

You and your team decide on the extent of service delivery you are comfortable with.

Start to build linkages between diabetes interventions to maximise your reimbursed opportunities.

Your team learns to maximise retail categories in supporting diabetes services.

Access to online tools and resources needed to supportservice delivery.

When ready, you and your team can access and deliver certified diabetes services and programs which support your customers living with diabetes.

You are not alone – have support and mentorship from pharmacists experienced in diabetes service delivery.

As part of the KnowDiabetes Professional Program, you will also have access to a network of allied healthcare professional for professional referral, when necessary

All of this at your fingertips through the use of your existing pharmacy technology.
Talk to us now on how to become a diabetes health hub to better support your customers living with diabetes.

 KnowDiabetes – Enabling Access to Diabetes Experts & Services