KnowDiabetes® Coaching
Service for Pharma organisations

Enhancing the pharma organisations
efforts to deliver desired health outcomes
in people with diabetes

Despite access to world-class therapy options, many people with diabetes don’t achieve their desired health outcomes. KnowDiabetes Coaching addresses this through Credentialled Diabetes Educators (CDEs) delivering personalised support to people with diabetes.

“Medicines will not work if you do not take them”

Only 50% individuals with chronic
conditions stick to treatment

  • Individuals need to be supported, not blamed
  • Improving engagement with medication(Adherence) might be the best investment for tackling chronic conditions effectively
  • Improving engagement with medication also enhances patient's safety

KnowDiabetes Coaching complements
the role of the prescriber

  • Misunderstandings can be clarified
  • Help with better understanding of the prescribed treatment plan
  • Support self managment
  • Reinforces the key treatment or therapy goal

KnowDiabetes Coaching makes on-demand services available to users. These services are delivered by Credentialled Diabetes Educators on our purpose-built secure tele-health platform.