About us

We are an Australian digital diabetes health
organisation, enabling easy access to
diabetes education and services delivered by
diabetes experts through integrated web-platform

Our Story

The team behind KnowDiabetes comes from a strong background in commercial, technical, medical and scientific affair roles in diabetes care in Australia and India.
We saw that despite numerous innovative & latest therapy options and medical devices, many people with diabetes didn’t achieve their desired health outcomes. We also saw the under utilisation of highly valuable services offered by Credentialled Diabetes Educators and other diabetes experts.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable easy access to diabetes education, care and services to support people living with diabetes.

We support self-management for people with diabetes by bringing services of Credentialled Diabetes Educators (CDEs) and other diabetes experts through our integrated digital platform.

Our Services

Coaching on Demand


Pharma & Medical Device Organisations

On-demand personalised support to customers delivered by Credentialled Diabetes Educators

Wellness Programs


People with Diabetes

Online and in-pharmacy programs for Diabetes prevention, Type 2, T2 starting Insulin & Gestational Diabetes

Online Consultation


People with Diabetes

Online private consultation with Credentialled Diabetes Educators
and other Diabetes Experts

Our Global Team

Our India Team

Our Interns

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